Project Skyline is at the lab

I have submitted the final for Project Skyline to the lab for processing. It will be printing on Kodak Metallic Paper and I really look forward to the final result! There are 6 prints submitted to the lab, as my demand for my prints is starting to take off.

Waiting for prints from the lab reminds me of my childhood waiting for Christmas or a birthday. Its exciting!!!|

This is one of the shots coming back from the lab:Roots


I didn’t know I would need a PR man

I was approached by a fellow photographer to give an interview.  Chris Lemmen is a driven photographer here in Edmonton.  He runs a photoblog on his website Chris routinely interviews photographers to share our mutual experiences and points of view.

Today Chris and I play 12 questions.  I bet my answers are more cliche than a Ryan Smyth interview…  Check it out…

I think its a given that I can do Child Photography

I have four children.  Thats right, four.  I am tied for the lead.   One of the great side effects of this, is that I understand children, and how to make the most of photo opportunities with children.   There is no doubt that young children do best in impromptu or environmental shooting situations.  I think the results are better than a staged portrait.   Here are a couple of recent examples of child portraiture.    I think the results speak for themselves.


I don’t often do abstracts, as I seem to like them way more than anyone else does.  Here are a couple of my latest.

Post Production Completed

I have completed the post production on my most recent photo shoot.  The shot was done for two sisters.   The ladies graciously endured some  cold conditions last Sunday.  I think the final product will be worth it.  They were great sports and very fun to work with.

The portraits were done at Government House on the edge of the Edmonton River Valley.

I would like to say that the shots went SOOC (straight out of camera) right to final, but I have to be honest.  I obsess about the selection and post production.  If anyone new how much time I spent on final post, there would be some recommendations for medication.

I would like to think it shows I care, and that I am committed to the final result.

Thanks again ladies.  Your previews are on the way!

Much needed help

Last night was very productive for csquared imaging.   Oddly enough there was no flashes, no cameras, or post production.  How then, could it have been very productive?  Last night my office manager came on board in a big way.  I am sure she will have the back end of the business streamlined and running like a top in no time.  Welcome aboard Connie!