Spring is around the corner

In Edmonton, it would seem there is precious little time for outdoor on-location sessions.   The days are getting longer, the weather is milder.  I was able to take advantage of a nice snow day to practice some portrait  techniques.





I shoot portraiture outdoors. I know I shouldn’t pigeon hole myself, but I felt that studio work in front of a seamless background is uninspiring. The side effect to this obvious bias, is that I am a victim to the fickle Alberta weather. From the start of spring well in to the late fall, I have been shooting numerous photo sessions and it seems I have little time to update my very own blog. Some where in my detailed workflow, I will commit to keeping more up to date with my clients and contacts.

Its a good thing to be busy, its a better thing to be on top of all the tasks at hand.

Full court press

Just wanted to update the blog as I have been noticably absent for a while. I took on a job that was very counter-productive to my photography. With all that over and done with I find myself with a little more spare time than I am used to.

I have taken probably 300 photos in the past 10 days and to tell you the truth, I have never been more ready to produce very high quality photographic images.

Lets book some sessions shall we?

Headshot, Portrait, Couples, family, Child, and maternity…. Astounding product, Reasonable rates..

Drop me an email…

Samples Anyone?

I didn’t know I would need a PR man

I was approached by a fellow photographer to give an interview.  Chris Lemmen is a driven photographer here in Edmonton.  He runs a photoblog on his website http://www.chrislemmenphotography.ca/. Chris routinely interviews photographers to share our mutual experiences and points of view.

Today Chris and I play 12 questions.  I bet my answers are more cliche than a Ryan Smyth interview…  Check it out…



I don’t often do abstracts, as I seem to like them way more than anyone else does.  Here are a couple of my latest.

Much needed help

Last night was very productive for csquared imaging.   Oddly enough there was no flashes, no cameras, or post production.  How then, could it have been very productive?  Last night my office manager came on board in a big way.  I am sure she will have the back end of the business streamlined and running like a top in no time.  Welcome aboard Connie!